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The Thomas Clarke Family History
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Clery or Cleary, (later Clarke or Clark) is one of the Gaelic Irish surnames which has kept the prefix O to some extent in modern times. O'Clery is O Cleirigh in Irish probably derived from the work Cleireach meaning a clerk or cleric.

The name itself means descendant of Cleireach, who was of the line of the famous Guaire the Hospitable, King of Connacht. Cleireach was born about the year 820 A.D. some two centuries before hereditary names began to be generally used.

That of O'Clery, however, was one of the earliest recorded surnames: it dates from the middle of the tenth century. The O'Clerys were the chief family in that part of the present Co. Galway which is covered by the diocese of Kilmacduagh, but their influence gradually declined and by the middle of the thirteenth century they had been driven out of their original territory and settled elsewhere.

By far the most important of these branches was that which domiciled in Counties Donegal and Derry: many of its members distinguished themselves as poets and antiquarians there.

Since the Plantation of Ulster in the seventeenth century, and the consequent anglicization of what was formerly the most Irish of the Four Provinces, the common English surname Clarke has been very widely substituted for O'Clery there, and also indeed elsewhere in Ireland. Without a reliable pedigree or at least a strong family tradition it is therefore impossible to say whether an Irish Clarke is an O'Clery in disguise or the descendant of an English settler; but it is probable that most of our Clarkes are in fact O'Clerys.

The branch which settled in Co. Cavan has almost disappeared (at least as Clery, though Clarke is fairly common to-day in Co. Cavan), but the third, which went to Co. Kilkenny, is still to be found in considerable numbers if not actually in Co. Kilkenny, in the adjacent counties of Tipperary and Waterford. Clery and Cleary are also found as variants of Clerkin (O Cleirchin) a sept located in the barony of Coshma, Co. Limerick.

Clarke, with an estimated population of over 14,000 persons comes as high as thirty-second in the list of the hundred commonest surnames in Ireland (this of course includes all persons of the name whether their origin be Irish or English). Clery (including Cleary, O'Clery and O'Cleary) musters some 5,000 persons.

The Clark name is of great antiquity. A Boniface Clericus and a Thomas leClerk appear in County Lincolnshire, England as early as 1273. It appears in 1379 in the Poll Tax for the West Riding of Yorkshire as Robertus Clarke. (Bardsley: Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames)

Clark is an English surname which derived from Latin "clericus', meaning a learned person, one who could in olden times read and write. Early forms of this name were Clerck, Clerk, leClerk, "the Clerk, ie. the clergyman, a clerk in holy orders', Clerke, Clark, and Clarke. The surname is now almost universally Clark or Clarke. The professional form adhering to clerk.

The following is a narration by family historian Norma Wilber Clark:

Family tradition tells that the Clarkes were at one time, Royalty in the Court of the King of England. Fact or Fiction?  We are told one of the Clarkes stole a horse or horses form the King’s stable, and thence were banished from the King’s court forever.  Who knows if this is true?  I ran across this article in a book of genealogies I read. (Whose title I neglected to write down.)  It could indicated the story is true,  I quote – “Nicholas Townley, third son of John Townley, Esq., who was born about 1400 in England, lived in the county of Polatine of Lanchaster – Married to Elizabeth Cotterall, daughter of Richard Cotterall, Esq., of Cotterall, relict of William Tempest, son of Roger Tempest, Esq., Lord of the Manor of Broughton.  Richard Townley, Esq., son of the reign of Henry VIII.  Richard’s wife was Margaret Clark, Daughter of John Clark of Wazley, by which Royalty came into the Townley family.

Thomas Clarke, the son of Thomas Clarke, was born 19 October 1820, in Worcestershire, England. (The village or parish may have been Downey).  He was classified a labourer, according to his application for marriage to Miss Esther Masters daughter of Benjamin Masters.  They were married, by bonns, 16 August 1841, in the Church of England, at Hanbury Parish, Worcestershire, England.  She was classified as a servant maid.  Three children were born to them in Hanbury Parish – George, Frederick and William.  The family move to Doderhill where Ellen and Emma were born.  We do not know what Thomas’ occupation was at this time, but perhaps he was a farmer.

Always seeking a better life for his family, they moved to Wales.  In 1856 they were living in Ponlypridde, Glamorgansire, S. Wales where Thomas was employed at the Rhondda Chemical Works.  John and Thomas were born to them in Wales.

On the 24th day of February, 1857 they took passage on the ship “Abner Nelson” at Liverpool, England bound for New Orleans, Louisiana, in America.  They were to furnish only beds, bedding and mess utensils,  The cost was L35.00 From New Orleans they went to Kentucky settling on Cave Creek near Greenwood in Pulaski County.  Why they came to this part of America is not known.  Perhaps they had friends there or relatives.  Thomas stated as his reason for coming to America – to give his family the advantages offered by the institutions of a free country.

Cave Cree is located 5 to 6 miles north of Greenwood, Kentucky.  The old home site was within the Hail Quadrangle of Pulaski County.  This area is now the Daniel Boone National Park.  Right at Cave Creek there is a Tom Clark Hollow.

Thomas Clark was a farmer in Kentucky.  Their last three children where born at Cave Creek – Sarah, Lucy and McClellan.  When the Civil War broke out, the three oldest boys enlisted in the cause for the North.  Perhaps this caused discord with their neighbors, at any rate they left Kentucky and went to Illinois in 1866, settling in Edgar County.  Thomas became a naturalized citizen, February 25, 1869, at Paris, Edgar County, Illinois.  They moved once again in 1881, coming to Kansas and settling in the Summit Community of Marion County.  Their home place was a little over two miles north of the Summit Church.

According to the 1870 census records, Thomas and Esther and family were living at Bloomfield Post Office, County of Edgar, Illinois.  Thomas was listed as a farm laborer – Emma, at age 20, was a domestic servant – John and Thomas were farm workers – Sarah and Lucy were in school – and Mas was home only six years of age. Living with them was – Enos B. Conors, age 30, also a farm worker and Ellen (Clark) Conors, his wife age 23.  What ever happened to this man?  Ellen later married Wesley Stepleton.

Thomas and Esther were members of the United Brethren Church in the Summit Community.  Esther was called Hester by all the Family, indeed that was thought to be her name.  The descendents of these two are many and not all are known to this writer at this time.  Thomas died in 1905 and his wife, Esther(Hester) died in 1910.  Both are buried in Summit Cemetery, Marion County, Kansas.

A family story told about when they were crossing the ocean coming to this country.  Thomas had his sons chew tobacco and the girls smoke pipes to prevent sea-sickness.  Ellen never gave up the habit of smoking a pipe.  It was a constant source of embarrassment to her husband in later years.  When they took train trips to visit relatives, he would make her go out on the observation platform to smoke.

Another story told was abut Hester.  As she was working in her kitchen one day (some say in Kansas) she turned to see and Indian standing in the door of their cabin.  She grabbed the gun and shot him and the children dove under the table.

End of Narration.

The following Family Genealogy is a History of the known descendants of Thomas Clarke and his beloved wife, Esther Masters Clarke, from whom this Family Tree, begins:  We, who have thus descended from the sons and daughters of Thomas and Esther Clarke, gratefully accept the trust of our heritage, by passing down to our own children the legacy of a proud and bold blood line from those that preceded us, and those who follow in the years ahead, shall continue to take great pride in this legacy and that GOD in HIS MERCY shall bestow HIS BLESSING, upon all the children who will look with love at their illustrious forebears, Thomas & Esther Clarke.

A word of thanks to Lola Young Clark, who has worked so hard and faithfully to bring to life this labor of love, a devotion that has greatly impaired the eyesight of this grand Lady in her diligence, in assembling the hundreds of factual data answers, so necessary in The Family Tree, history. 

Thomas Clarke was born October 19, 1820, at Worcestershire, England. Esther Masters, was born November 15, 1820, at Worcestershire, England, and was the daughter of Benjamin Masters, she married Thomas Clarke on August 16, 1840, in the district of Hanbury, Worcestershire County, England. The rites and ceremonies of the Church of England, prevailing with Rector W. Vernon officiating, the foregoing was taken frau the official Book of Records, and the Registrar Diana M. Pickles, as dated in her office March 28, 1980. There were 6 sons and 4 daughters from this union of hearts, as follows:


1. George Walter, born, Worcestershire, England (Village of
2. Fredrick, born July 10, 1843, Hanbury, England.
William Alexander, born August 8, 1845, Hanbury, England.
4. Ellen, born 1847, Hanbury, England.
5. Emma, born February 2, 1850, Dodderhill, Hanbury, England.
6. Thomas Jr., born April 14, 1854, in South Wales, England.

7. Twins, John and
8. Lucy born in 1856, in South Wales, England.
9. Sarah Sallie, born thought to be at Cave Creek, Kentucky In
10. McClellan Colombus, born in 1864, at Cave Creek, Kentucky

***. Thomas Clarke died in Marion County, Kansas, November 26, 1905. Esther Masters Clarke died, December 19, 1910, both are buried in the beautiful Summit Cemetery, which is located about 8 miles south, 3 miles west of Florence, Kansas, or 3 miles north, and 3 miles west of Burns, Kansas. Both cities are in Marion, County. Vital Statistics, Military service as is known of the brothers and sisters follows:

1. George W. was in service to the government of Queen Victoria of England when in 1860, the Queen granted Walter, permission to leave Paris, Franceso he could join his parents, in America. George W. met and married Mary Jane Freeman, March 3, 1861, at Somerset, Kentucky. Eventually George became a Lieutenant in the 1st Cavalry Revolution Volunteers of Kentucky. To date there is no record of any children, born to George and Mary Jane. There are no dates as to when George Walter Clarke died, but he lived for several years at Mooresville, Indiana, and is buried there. Mary Jane Clarke, is believed to be buried at the Blue John Salem Church Cemetery, in South Pulaski County or at the Greenwood Cemetery, close by.

2. Fredrick married Lourverne Jane Freeman, February 26, 1865, Lourverne was born in February 1848 and they were the parents of :

         1. Ellen Anjabine, born May 29, 1866,in Ill. Died 9-25-1879,
           in Florence, Kan.
       2. Susan Catherine, born in Illinois, and died in her infancy.
       3. A foster son Arthur R. Clark, married a Katherine Ledbetter,
           no other.  Informationis known at the present time, any data
           from any Clark member about Arthur and Katherine Clark will
           be most  helpful.

***. Lourverne Jane Clark ,died February 26, 1926, buried in Summit Cemetery, Burn, Kansas.  Presently no death date and burial site for Fredrick?? Help!

3.  William Alexander, born August 8, 1845, and was first married to
     Beth Sada Roberts, exact date
presently unknown. Beth Sada, born
     April 3, 1841. The children of this union are :

         1. Henry Thomas, born October 1, 1865.
         2. Margaret Angeline, born June II, 1867.
Granville Grant, born December 1, 1868.
         4. Twins, John, and
         5. Lucy Matilda, born July 8, 1871.
         6. Sarah Isabelle, born October 17, 1873.
         7. William, born November 23, 1875.
         8. Mary Clementine, born July 29, 1879.  


4. Ellen, born 1847, married Wesley L. Stepelton, who was born in 1845, he   served with Company A, 3rd Indiana Cavalry, Civil War. We need help in more information about this splendid couple. Children, dates of death,  burial sites, etc. We do know that Ellen and Wesley were the parents of these children.

          1. Charles, born?
          2. Stella, born? Did marry Fred Collier, When?
          3. Fred, born?
          4. Clarence, married Clara Swisher, January 1907. No other
          5. Ernest, born?
          6. Twins, Inez, and
          7. Algie, no other data


***. Ellen and Wesley Stepelton are buried in the Summit Cemetery, Burns, Kansas.

5. Emma, born February 2, 1850, married Edward Hoops, in 1882. Emma died May 15, 1906. No children. No data on Edward Hoops, on death or burial.

6. Thomas Jr. born April 14, 1854, married Helen Sylvia Millener, who was born October 7, 1857 and were the parents of these children:

         1. Fredrick H., born about 1881.
         2. Harry M. born February 6, 1883 and died September 8,
            1946. He married  Mary Larsen. Harry is buried in Summit
            Cemetery, Florence, Kansas.
        3. Clarence Austin, born about 1885.
        4. Maurice E., born March 1887.
        5. Earl T., no birth date, died August 2, 1935.
        6. Dena S., born October 4, 1893. Died?
        7. Zella May, born about 1905, died October 12, 1917. 

7. John, a twin with Lucy, born in 1856, month and day not presently known.   John's wife Lucy, surname not known, are the parents of these children:
    George W.
    6.      Helen.


This family lived between 1915...1920 at Terre Haute, Indiana, and  this is all the data known of them, can any member fill in the missing information.

8. Lucy, the twin of John, married Walter Horsley, lived in California during 1932 with their children:

     1.    Gertrude
    Virginia. We have no further information. HELP??

9. Sarah Sallie was born in 1857, thought to have been at Cave Creek, Ky.  Sarah was wedded to John W. Kelsheimer, born in 1856, their birth dates and the marriage date unknown. Before the marriage to John,  a son, Ira Clark was born, not much is known about his later life, such as marriage, children, death and burial site. Sarah Sallie and John W., had the following children:
    Clarice Agnes
    Mack the 4th and 5th known born to this couple are not available to
          list. We hope one of our family can clear up the missing  data 
          about the children, and also the birth dates and marriage date of
          Sarah and John W. The death date of Sarah. John W. Kelsheimer,
          died in November 1929, Sarah and John are at rest in the
          Summit Cemetery, Burns, Kansas.

10. McClellan Colombus, born January 26, 1864 at cave Creek,
     Kentucky. He and Clarice Mary Herbert married December 18,
     1883, Clarice was born March 14, 1868 in LLAN GUYN, England,
     she died June 7, 1944. McClellan , no information on his death,
     both are believed buried in the Summit Cemetery. Their children

       1. Nellie B., born August 28, 1884, in Marion County, Kansas. 
        Dear little Nellie, died April 28, 1885, and interred in the
        Whitewater Cemetery, Burns, Kansas.
     2. A still birth.
     3 William Herbert, born June 10, 1887, in Marion County, Kansas.
        He died April 24, 1965, he rests in Summit Cemetery, Burns,
     4. A still birth.
     5. George Harrison, born October 22, 1892, it was reported in May
        of 1980, he is living alone at Burns, Kansas.  
     6. A still birth.
     7. Twins, born February 7, 1895, in Marion County, Kansas, Hester
         Elizabeth, was the lone survivor,  as her twin sister died the
         day of birth. Hester Elizabeth died November 5, 1977. Summit
         cemetery burial.

Thus we came to the end of the 6 sons and 4 daughters, and their children as isknown, a close reading of this material will hopefully start someone to look in the family bibles, or long forgotten letters to fill many spaces so vital in this study of Thomas and Esther Masters Clarke and their heirs. As all things have a beginning, so also, they have an ending, in the 140 yearssince Thomas and Esther Clark established a life together, we the living descendents have learned many of the finer lineage characteristics so very important as to who we are and the roots from which we sprang. The cycle we are a part of today effectuates our lives through the fulfillment of God's Law to procreate and perpetuate the human species, in doing so we must follow the intricate roots of our Genealogy Family Tree and its myriad off shoots, that allows us to be witness to the amazing growth through the sons and daughters and their compassionate mates as devolved from our beloved William Alexander Clark, and his mate, Beth Sada Roberts Clark, nourishing his sustenance in the dreams he envisaged for his own and those that would desend later to carry on and carry high the Emblem for posterity, till the end of time.


William Alexander Clark, born August 8, 1845. Died March 3, 1907. Burial, Blue John Cemetery, near Greenwood, Ky. Pulaski, Co. W.A. Was a Pvt. Col. lst. Kentucky Cavalry, {Civil War) .He and BethSada Roberts were married at Somerset, Ky. She was born April 3, 1841, Died September 2, 1897. Rests at Paint Rock Cemetery, Oneida, TN. The children born from this union are:  


           1. Henry Thomas, born October 1, 1865. Died Sept. 14, 1948. 
           Henry Thomas, married Mattie Shelton, date unknown, Mattie
           was born 4-7-1867 Died June 4, 1910. Children from this
           union are:
               1. James Oscar, born July 20, 1892. Died February I,
               2. Charles H., born August 23, 1894. Died August 14,
               3. Whalen Hobert, born November 2, 1896. Died
                   December 28, 1936.
               4. Della Mae, born February 14, 1901. Lives in Johnston
                  City, Illinois.
               5. Mabel Hester, born January 10,1908. Died July 27,
               6. Willie, born and died shortly after birth, in 1912.   

            2. Margaret Angeline, born June 11, 1867. Died Dec. 4, 1963. 
            Margaret Angeline,born June 11, 1867, was married first to
            Elijah Hall, Children:

            1. Thomas, born December 17, 1888, he was married and
                several children were born. Names of his wife and their
                children are awaiting reports, also any grandchildren.
                Thcmas died and is resting in Holloway Cemetery, near
                Whitley City, Kentucky.
            2. John Hall, born March 17, 1890. Died March 7, 1975.
                Rests at Stearns,Ky. Cemetery. John married Stella
                Clifton, date unknown, they lived for years in Sterns,
                Ky. There are several children and grandchildren, awaiting
                more information.
             3. Effie Hall, born April 22, 1894, later married Gilbert
                Boyer and resided in Stearns. There were several children
                and grandchildren, still waiting a full accounting for
                names, births, marriages and deaths. Dear Effie, still
                lives in Stearns, a widow now that Gilbert Boyer has
                Passed on and he rests at Stearns Cemetery. Dear Aunt
                Mag eventually separated from Elijah Hall, and married
                Silas Vaughn , no children came from this union .

                     ***Obituary: Margaret Angeline Vaughn died December 4,

3.  Granvil Grant Clark, born December I, 1868, later married Ellen  
. No date of this marriage available yet. Ellen was born
    October 26,1867. Obituary: Granvil Grant Clark, was called to leave
    us March 31,1948.  Ellen Barnett Clark, went to make a place for
    Husband Grant, March 12, 1930. They rest at Greenwood Cemetery,
    Greenwood , Kentucky.
    (The lineage of the Granvil Grant Clark are documented at the end
    of this document.)

4. John Clark, born July 8, 1871 Died Dec. 4, 1950., and the twin of
   Lucy Matilda. John married Nancy W. Phillips, date of the marriage  
   not known. Nancy was born April 3,1873. Their ch11dren:

   1.  John Lester, born December 19, 1895. Died May 6, 1936 in
   Oakdale, TN and is buried in Belleview cemetery in Danville, Ky.
2. Morna Clark, born August 20, 1898, first married to Amon
    Reed, marriage date not yet available,to this union, two
    daughters  were born:

   Vivian Bertha, born September 6, 1915, who eventually
           married a Mr. Wilson
   Ruthanne, born April 7, 1918, who later married a Mr.
           Davis and still later Mr.Louis.  Morna Rester Reed and
           Amon Reed separated, then Morna married Burt Spice.
           No children fram this last marriage. Mr. Spice died
           sometime later, no details. Mrs. Morna Spice resides in
           Danville, Kentucky.
       3.  Winford Chester Clark, born June 4, 1902 and later wed
           his wife Opal, who was born in Minneapolis, Minn. They
           also reside in Danville,  Ky.  Children??  
       4.  William Letcher Clark, born February 7, 1906, he married
           his wife Agnes, who was born in Duluth, Minn. No  
           marriage date at present. Letcher and  Agnes, reside in
           Glendora, California. No report of children.
       5.  Lucy Matilda (Uncle John's twin) born July 8, 1871
           married James Phillips, we have no  report of any children
           from this union, Aunt Lucy died April 28, 1938.
           No information as yet on Uncle John-Aunt Nancy burial
           sites, or Aunt  Lucy and Uncle James Phillips, burial
           locations, lacking reports of death dates and children,
           Please clarify. Uncle John died December 4,1956 -Aunt
           Nancy died April 20, 1908.  
       6.  Sarah Isabelle, born October 17, 1873, and at age 17,
           married  Freeman Sexton, in 1890.

Freeman was born in Huntsville, TN. around 1870. They were married at
   Their children:
            1. A still born. In 1892.
            2. A still born. In 1894.
  Elmer, born March 28, 1897.  Elmer, served many years
               in the U.S. Army, and married  Ruth Johnstone a native of
               Patterson, N.J. in the early 1920's, their children:  
                      1. Laura Belle.
                      2. Elmer Jr.
                      3. Ruth May

I am awaiting reports from their homes in California, for exact dates of their birthdays, marriages and children, when this information is known an addendum will be reprinted to this appendix.

***Obituary: Elmer Sr. died February 25, 1957, and interred in the Oakdale Cemetery, Glendora, California.
***Ruth Sexton was killed in an auto accident, December 1,
1978, in California and is buried at the Oakdale Cemetery,
Glendora, CA.

            4. Sadie S., born November 21, 1899. Sadie S. married Vergil
            Vandever Cargile, in June of 1917, at Johns, Ala. There ere
            no children. A 54th wedding anniversary was held in 1971.
            Vergil Cargile, died February 23, 1972, and is resting at
            Elmwood Cemetery, Birmingham, Ala. Sadie Cargile lives in the
            West End Section of Birmingham, Ala.
           5. Sibyl, born July I, 1901. Sibyl. S. left Alabama to stay
            with her brother  Elmer in Clifton, N.J. in the 1930's, and
            eventually married Michael J. Condon, .in August of 1937.
            Their only child,  Michael Jr., was born in January, 1939.
            Mike Sr. died in July 1974, in Clifton, N.J.and is buried
            there. Sibyl and her son reside in Clifton, N.J.
           6. Paul, born 1903, and died in early infancy.
       7. William, born 1905, and died in early infancy.
           8. John Winford, born September 21, 1907. John Winford,
           married Margaret O'Brien, September 28, 1929, in Buffalo,
           N.Y. Margaret was born in County Tipperary, Ireland,
           September 23, 1907. A 50th wedding anniversary was
           celebrated September 28, 1979, at Green lake, in  Caledonia,
           Michigan. Their children:  

1. John Winford Jr., born May 22, 1930. John Jr.
        married Joan Burkehardt, in Buffalo, N.Y. August
        16,1954.  Joan was born in Buffalo, N.Y. Exact date
        not known. Their children:

                     1. Kimm Jeffery, born July 29, 1956. Kimm recently
                 discharged from the Air Force, serving full 4

             2. Michael, born April, 1958. Michael, married his     
                school sweetheart, and they have two children. 
                Michael also served 4 years'inthe Air Force,
                and discharged in August 1980.
             3. Scott Wesley, born February 28, 1961. Scott
                Wesley, graduated from High School in June 1978.

2. Donald Freeman, married Lois Hill, a native of Buffalo,  N.Y.
    Their children:

                1. Donald R., born July 30, 1955. Donald R. married
              Katherine' Opalka, May 16, 1978, in Lockport N.Y. A
              daughter, Jennifer, blessed this marriage on May 23,
           2. Steven, born January 3, 1957. Steven, married
              Laurie Jadderman, August 16, 1980.
           3. Douglas, born January 7, 1961. Douglas, is serving
              in the Air Force, beginning service in  July 1980.

3. Donald F. Sexton and Lois Hill Sexton separated in 1971.
4. Shannon Lynne, born May 29 , 1972
5. Margaret Ann, born September II, 1943, and JESUS
   wanted her with HIM on January 27, 1944.

7. William Alexander Clark Jr., born November 23, 1875, became wedded to Laura Flynn, we have no idea the ages of William and Laura Clark, when the marriage took place, their deaths, burial sites and the year of their passing. Also, there is reason according to same sources, that children blessed this family, so far all leads came to a blank wall.

8. Mary Clementine Clark, born July 29, 1879, was the last child of W.A. and Beth Sada Roberts Clark. Mary married Walter Patrick Flynn, we cannot confirm the marriage date, they were parents of:  

             1. Pauline Patrick, born March 15, 1903.
       2. Beulah, born January 26, 1905.
       3. Ellis, born May 19, 1910.
       4. Twins, born May 4, 1916, we need help to clarify for this
           record the full name of the twins, and the sex of them.
       5. Mary Katherine, born May 20, 1919 We have nothing about
           marriages, mates, children, deaths or burial sites, of Mary's
           and Walter Flynn's children.  

 ***. We need help to know Mary Clementine and Walter Patrick's
        deaths, dates and Walter's birth date. We welcome any added
        facts of any member in this treatsie, or correct statements
        thought to be accurate, all your help is needed.

I have volunteered to help Lola in this work of love, simply because Lola has too much eye strain and must be careful, of her eyes. After a brief visit to Lola Clark's home last May, 1980, I decided to help this dear lady out, and because of my own work that had to be done around our Mobile Home, I just did not have the time to gather much vital information, from my own efforts, when more factual news is available, to complete once and for all, this work, new printing will follow to correct and add to what has been printed. we are waiting for your help, do you have it??????

At the beginning of this second phase it mentioned that W.A. Clark, first married Beth Sada Roberts, however in 1889 William A. Clark married Bernette Holloway, who was born February 6, 1865. Their children of this marriage are:   

 1. Brady Clark, born 1889. He later married Maggie Lewis.
       2. Emma, born 1892. She married Robert Smith.
       3. Ethyl, born January 26, 1894, Died May 22, 1965. She
          married  Marion Marcellus Haynes. He was born  February 14,
          1874, Died October 15,  Burials are at Greenwood, Ky.
       4. Allie, born 1898. Married John Day.
       5. Paul, born 1902. Died 1978.
       6. Silas, born 1905. Married Lady Janet an English Titled Lady.
          Silas, served a number of years in the US Navy.

 The Family of Granville Grant and Ellen Barnett Clark continues:

1. Arthur Glen, born March 12, 1891, married Lola Young, August
           25, 1915.  Lola was born March 20, 1902, the daughter of Eli
           and Polly Young Lola's parents are buried at Greenwood,
           Kentucky.  The children of Arthur and Lola are:
                1. Mirwin Raymond, born April 25, 1917. Mirwin Raymond  
                    died September 20, 1976. He married  Edna Mae
                    Hopper,  May 11, 1946 Edna was born in 1918. Mirwin
                    and Edna were the parents of Glenn Grail, born
                    January 21, 1954, Glenn Grail married Judy Carol
                    New, June 10,1975, she, was born  May 20, 1957.
                    Judy's parents are, Coy and Irma New.  
          2. Adaline Clark, born June 14, 1921, who later married Frank E.
          Dills, May 6, 1945 in Las Vegas, Nev. Frank Dills was born,
          November 7, 1921. Frank and  Adaline are the parents of:
                1. Gary Eugene Dills, born February 15,1946.
                2. Lynett Sue, born January 17, 1947, who later married
                   William Dent, May 4,1974, William was born July 16,
                   1939. William and Lynett Dent have a son, Jeffery
                   William, born June 18, 1975.  Lola's      
                   daughter, Adaline Dills lives in Sylmar, Calif. with
                   husband, Frank.

2. Leslie Gordon, born September 13, 1892, and married Fannie Combs,
    born 1907.  Their children:
                1. Leslie G. Jr., born August 9,1934.
                2. Margie, born July 9, 1939. Who later married Otis
                    Stanifer, born December 16, 1938. They are the
                    parents of:
                                           1. Gary Stanifer, born September 19, 1956.
                         2. Teresa, born May 13,1962.
                         3. A foster child, Pauline Wilson, age and other
                             data not known.

3. Clyde Earl, born January 26, 1894, married Emma Helton, November
    18, 1916. Emma, born April 12, 1898, their children are:
                1. Roy, born April 26, 1917.
                2. Coy Buford, January 8, 1920.
                3. Virginia, 1922 died at birth.
  Twins, Helen and 5, Ruth, died in their infancy.


4. Barney Oral, born February 27, 1896, and married Dora Mae Young,
    1920 at Huntsville, Tenn.  Dora Mae is a sister of dear Lola Young
    Clark. Dora Mae, born December 25, 1905, Died August 12, 1971.
    Their children:

 1. Newman Holt, born May 1, 1923.
       2. Glenn Earl, born December 30, 1925.
       3. Ray Lowell, born October 4, 1931.
       4. Oral Louis, born October 24,1933.
       5. Kenneth Ronald, born August 23,1935.
       6. LaVonne, born December 22, 1937.
       7. Ralph Landon, born April 3, 1940.
       8. Barney Jr., July 19, 1942 (still born).
       9. James,Edward, born January 4, 1943.

When more information about marriages and births are known of the 8 living children of Barney and Dora Mae, more can be printed.

5. T.R.(Teddy), was born Apri1 13, 1898, he married Iona Brown,
    December 19, 1920. Their Children:
   T. R. Jr., born October 13, 1921
   Virgil David, born January 9, 1925.  Both children born at
           Lothair, Ky. We need more data of marriages, children etc.
           Can this be forthcoming?  Teddy and Iona live in Burnside,
           Kentucky, a short  distance south of Somerset,  Kentucky.

6. Artman Clark, born May 8, 1903, and went to Jesus, December 2,

7. Archie Heron, born March 21, 1905, and died from a gun shot that
    was purely accidental in 1926. It sas self-inflicted.

8. Melvin Darwin, born June 14, 1908, he later married Elsie Denney, a
    school instructor, in 1934. Elsie was born February 2, 1912.  Their

      1.    Donald Denney Clark, born December 14, 1935 in Greenwood,
James Thomas Clark
, born June 9, 1940 in Greenwood Kentucky
           and married
Marion Canaday  Born Aug. 5, 1942.  They were
           married Apr. 4 1964. Their children:
    Matthew Casey Clark born August 1, 1969 in Tampa,
    Amber Laine (Clark) Bruno born August 26, 1971 in Tampa
               Florida. Amber  married Thierry Bruno born February 23,
               1975 in Mons, Belgium. They were  married March 4,
    Sandra Ellen (Clark) Yebba, born January 30, 1949 in Somerset, Kentucky.

Darwin and Elsie lived in Zephyrhills, Florida and later in Fayetteville Georgia.

9. Dear little Clarice Mary, the only daughter of Uncle Grant and Aunt
    Ellen Clark, and their last child sas born September 13, 1913, and
    was called to JESUS August 1, 1915.

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