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10 Hilarious Cover Letter Blunders

“If I could use one word to describe myself, it would be Team Player.”

“My resume speaks for itself so I will not burden you with words.”

“I have organized and conducted community service and missionary positions.”

“I work an additional 10-15 minutes per week to perform administrative responsibilities promptly and accurately.”

“I am interested in the Financial Analyst position. I currently work at Rusty’s Camper Emporium as the parking attendant.”

“I have attended Champions School of Real Estate, because I am a champion.”

“I can think and act simultaneously under intense pressure.”

“I am known and respected in New York City and surrounding area.”

“Although my grades are not the highest, I possess the ability to grasp difficult concepts rather quickly most of the time.”

“I am looking forward to further discussing my qualifications and how I can be an asset to your company. Please contact me at bigassbooty@ifailmail.com anytime.”

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