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Walk Don't Run

An Irish man went to his first American baseball game. As the first batter made a hit, fans jumped up yelling, "RUN! RUN!" The Irish man jumped up as well yelling, "Run, laddie! Run laddie!"

The next batter got up and made his hit. The fans again cheered, "RUN! RUN!" The Irish man jumped up yelling, "Run laddie! Run laddie!"

The third batter got up got ball 1... ball 2 ... ball 3 ... ball 4. The umpire yelled, "Take your base!" The batter jogged to the base. The Irish man jumped up and yelled, "Run laddie! Run laddie!"

Another fan looked at him and said, "He does not need to run, for he has four balls!" The Irish man's jaw dropped, and he turned and said, "Walk with pride, lad! Walk with pride!"

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