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Letter To God

A nice young worker at the Post Office (Yes, they do exist), was sorting through some envelopes when she discovered a letter addressed:


Upon opening the envelope she found a letter enclosed from a little old lady who said she had never asked for anything in her life before from God. She was desperately in need of $100 for Christmas though and was wondering if God could send her the money.

Well the young lady was deeply touched by the letter and took up a collection among her co-workers and collected $90. She mailed it to the return address on the envelope and felt joyful for being able to help.

A few weeks passed when another letter came addressed to God from the same little old lady. The young lady again opened the letter and it read:

Dear God,

Thank you for the money. I deeply appreciate it. However I only received $90 of the $100 you sent. Those bastards at the Post Office must have stolen the other $10!

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