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Almost Newlyweds

A young couple dies on the way to their wedding. They go to St. Peter and tell him, since they missed getting married on earth, they'd like to get married in heaven.

St. Peter says, "Well, let me go ask God." He comes back and says, "God says you have to wait 5 years."

So, they come back in 5 years. St. Peter asks God again, comes back and says, "No, another 5 years.

So they come back 5 years later and get married and it doesn't work out. They tell St. Peter that they need to dissolve the marriage and can he go ask God?

He does, God says they have to just work it out. So, a few months later they're back again and ask St. Peter, "Please can we dissolve it?"

And St. Peter says, "Look ... It took 10 years to get a priest up here. How the heck long do you think it'll take to get a lawyer?"

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