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The Compassionate Lawyer

A New York lawyer was returning in his chauffeured limousine to his estate in Connecticut when he saw two homeless men on the side of the road eating grass. He asked the driver to pull over and the lawyer ran to ask the men what they were doing eating grass.

They replied that they hadnt eaten for a week and had no money to buy food, so they were eating the only thing available to them.

They lawyer said, You cant eat this filthy grass, particularly since it is right here on the highway. There is no telling how contaminated it might be. Get in my car and Ill take you home with me to get something to eat.

Both men indicated they had families living under the overpass and couldnt leave them behind.

The lawyer said, No problem, load them all in my car and well go to my home were we have plenty to eat.

So, both families; two husbands, two wives and a total of eight children loaded into the limo and left for the lawyers estate.

As they entered the lawyers elite neighborhood they were in awe of the palatial surroundings and told the lawyer they were really impressed and were looking forward to a wonderful meal, their first in a week.

The lawyer replied, Wait until you see my place, the grass is a foot deep.

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