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Compatibility Test For Lovers

You and your lover, mate, spouse, friend, "significant other", whatever, should each answer the following questions independently.

Compare your answers.

How Compatible Are You?
1. The two of you can be instantly transported to one day together anywhere you choose. Which would you select ...
a. Hawaii
b. Paris
c. Las Vegas

2. The two of you would have the most fun together doing which of the following?
a. Attending a concert
b. Attending a sporting event
c. Going shopping

3. Which of these is the most romantic Valentine's Day gift?
a. A box of chocolates
b. A dozen red roses
c. Jewelry

4. Select the most romantic way to have Valentine's Day dinner together.
a. Have dinner at an exclusive, expensive restaurant b. Have a moonlight picnic on a deserted beach c. Have a candle-lit dinner at home

5. Which do you consider the most romantic music ...
a. Classical
b. Alternative
c. Rock and Roll
d. Other

6. Where is the most romantic place to make love?
a. In the back seat of a limousine
b. In a hot tub
c. In front of a fireplace

7. Which of these is the sexiest outfit on a woman?
a. Lacy lingerie
b. A low-cut, form-fitting, floor length gown c. A short skirt and tight sweater

8. A man would be sexiest wearing which of the following ...
a. A dress uniform
b. A business suit
c. Nothing

9. Which of the following is the most pleasant way to spend a weekend morning together?
a. Stay in bed late and skip breakfast
b. Go out for brunch
c. Run errands and clean house

10. Which of the following is the most relaxing?
a. A bubblebath
b. A massage
c. A couple of drinks at a bar

7-10 Same answers: You belong together
4-6 Same answers: Moderately compatible
0-3 Same answers: Find someone else

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