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Quotes on Incompetents

Incompetents invariably make trouble for people other than themselves.
Larry McMurtry (1936 - ), 'Lonesome Dove'

Competence, like truth, beauty and contact lenses, is in the eye of the beholder.
Laurence J. Peter (1919 - 1988), The Peter Principle (1969), chapter 1

Equal opportunity means everyone will have a fair chance at being incompetent.
Laurence J. Peter (1919 - 1988)

Cowboy's Ten Commandments posted on the wall at Cross Trails Church in Farlie, Texas:

(1) Just one God.
(2) Honor yer Ma & Pa.
(3) No telling tales or gossipin'.
(4) Git yourself to Sunday meeting.
(5) Put nothin' before God.
(6) No foolin' around with another fellow's gal.
(7) No killin'.
(8) Watch yer mouth.
(9) Don't take what ain't yers.
(10) Don't be hankerin' for yer buddy's stuff.

Y'all git all that?

Lord, keep Your arm around my shoulder
and Your hand over my mouth.

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