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Crossword puzzles can range from the very complex in structure to the very simple. The crossword puzzles that you find in the daily newspapers throughout the country are neither complex or simple. They are constructed to appeal to the person who has a few minutes each day to devote to the tweaking of their mental prowess without antagonizing them or frustrating them.

Some people with use a thesaurus or a dictionary to aid them in solving their puzzles. Some people will even call 900 telephone numbers to find an answer to a clue that is driving them nuts. And, some people, reluctantly, just wait until the next day when the previous day's answers are published in the newspaper.

There are many existing crossword dictionaries. Some of them are very good. Some of them are very incomplete or wrongly targeted. Now, on the scene comes the CrossKit website. CrossKit has been developed with a specific concept in mind for the crossword aficionado.

That is the daily newspaper crossword puzzles. What started out as humble assembly of word clues and their corresponding answers in an Excel spreadsheet has evolved into an assemblage of over 720,000 words strictly devoted to the daily newspaper crossword puzzles.

This word kit has taken nearly five years to assemble. This process will continue to grow as long as daily newspaper crossword puzzles are published.

So enter your crossword clue on the Home page and click on "Search" to begin. If you need more information on how to use CrossKit please click on How to Use.

Contact us at:  central@crosskit.com